DevOps refers to a set of engineering and business methodologies designed to automate key processes in your product delivery pipeline, allowing for continuous delivery and integration.

Enabling Business @ Velocity

When we say "Business @ Velocity," we are referring to the process of delivering what customers want, when they want it. This means fast, reliable delivery of business critical solutions.

Enabling Business @ Velocity can be accelerated by adopting DevOps methodologies. DevOps involves implementing cultural change, toolchain adoption, continuous improvement, and tight feedback loops in order to deliver your IT workflows at high velocity, without compromising reliability and security.

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What Can Sysgain DevOps Solve?

In a fully virtualized environment (a.k.a. the Public, Private, or Hybrid cloud) almost everything can be controlled through code. From building highly secure networks to scalable servers, application configuration & deployments, and enabling automated testing and compliance.

Repeatable tasks become automated, increasing level of service, speed-to-market, and reliability -- while also decreasing costs. This means exponential improvements for your business and your end-users, and it also allows you to react quickly to new opportunities.

DevOps Services

Consulting & Strategy

We can help strategize for the digital transformation of your business. This includes optimizing existing systems, building on the cloud, and recommending tools based on your business needs - all supporting cross-functional success.

Continuous Integration & Development

Let us help you move to an automated continuous integration work-flow where you can release incremental value to your customers daily. Choose your flavor: Jenkins, CircleCI, Shippable, TravisCI, or Team Foundation Server.

Automation Development

Need help writing Chef cookbooks, AWS CloudFormation templates, or Azure Resource Manager(ARM) Templates? We can do that. Need to optimize your continuous integration & deployment tool-chain for the cloud? We do that too. How about a custom PowerShell module for Azure's Automation service? We're on it.

Managed Services

We can fully manage your AWS or Azure-based deployments, as well as any associated applications and databases. Enjoy great service with our full suite of monitoring and analytics tools, plus a customer service desk. Our support teams span across local and global on-site locations.

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